Welcome to the The Shop. We’re a group of creative individuals, bound together by a simple mission; to make your brand worth talking about.


Dustin Taylor
A great way to develop an agency structure from the ground up is to see how it’s done at agencies big and small. Co-Founder and Creative Director Dustin Taylor grew his career at both global and independent agencies, honing his creative chops on brands of all sizes and life stages, and earning international awards in the process. Utilizing this experience, he has guided The Shop to earn national creative recognition. Dustin believes the greatest award is creating a unique and hard-working agency, that values top-notch work that builds clients’ businesses. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

David Soames
Being a great creative leader means being a great mentor. And the best way to become a great mentor is to learn from the absolute best. Ask Co-Founder and Creative Director David Soames about the advertising industry legends that helped form his creative identity, leading his work to achieve international acclaim, plus viral hits for both clients and self-initiated projects. Passionate and an eternal optimist, David is always up to something exciting at The Shop and in his personal life. See David’s career path and his latest hot take on LinkedIn.

Matt Sitser
Liverpool. Rotterdam. Cape Town. Aberdeen. Houston. Nacogdoches. Dallas. Matt Sitser, Co-Founder and Head of Account Service & Strategy, has lived in four countries on three different continents. Perhaps that’s why he brings a holistic mindset to every client and project he lays his patient mind upon. Steady, unfazed, and a unique problem-solver, Matt’s goal is to be the most useful gadget in every client’s toolbox. Connect with him on LinkedIn.